Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's been too long.....

     I realized something last week. Actually it's been in the back of my head for quite some time. I haven't put my thoughts out here lately. While I am an overflowing pot of thoughts and randomness, once you get so much in your head its seems hard to keep the train of thought moving in the intended direction. So what I will do is give a few updates on the going ons in my life and then I will decide where the next blog will go. I am always open to suggestions from my readers if there is something you want me to expand on for you. Keep that in mind.

     My live has changed quite a bit in the last year and a half or so since I was on here. I am now in the country side. With that comes all the things that the country life has to offer. Cool mornings on the porch drinking coffee. Lovely nights around the fire. Days filled with tending animals and enough house work to keep this father of three so busy it is unreal, all the while I have a full time job to help me pay for the life of farming and prepping I want to live.

     Farming, I'll start here, When I was in the city I was square foot gardening in my backyard. That was great! I had my faithful beagle Chicken George and a couple cats to keep the critters out of my mini-garden. When I moved out here I though small scale was easy lets go larger.... not so fast! I was not ready for that. while I was able to get a few things off of the plant, several yellow squash, several cucumbers, two small pumpkins, a handful or so ears of corn, four bottle gourds, several servings of yellow wax beans(which was the largest amount by far and very delicious), and two different tomato varieties for the most part it was not successful in terms of harvest. I was successful in learning though and that was key and what I was after. I have a new game plan for next year which involves a mix of the square foot methods, growing in bales of hay, and using the fenced in area of my yard. I have already been working on getting the land ready in that area using natural methods. Which I will cover in future blogs.

     Animals. I have been reading up on keeping various animals for food. I raised some baby chicks for the first time. They were doing great I even got a few eggs. I was letting them free range and that worked for a while until my Pit/lab mix Tyson decided he wanted to play with them one day while I was at work. I lost two to him. I lost another to a wild animal. I still have one rooster left and he is still crowing in the morning giving away his position. Not the smartest animals. I have the materials to build a larger coop and in the spring I will be getting a new flock of birds and I do not believe I will be letting them run loose on the property! I also have 3 rabbits. I am going to be breeding them soon. I have a few different things I want to try like selling some, eating some and trading for supplies. They did breed once but again my lack of knowledge got the better of me. But hey, if you don't try and fail how will you ever know what is needed to succeed! I will also be including updates on here about livestock in the future.

     I also rescued a drowning kitten. He looks like he is going to be rather large and is crazy as hell so hopefully he does his job and keeps the mice out of the house. I mentioned Tyson, He is another rescue. Such a good boy, other than the chicken thing, He is wonderful with kids. Loves to be around them no matter how many there are running around out here. He is also a great guard dog. I hate to be the person that he feels shouldn't be here when no one else is. Also I will add that along with George and Tyson, the neighbor has two old beagles that love to come back here and lay on the porch or out in the shed and enjoy the buffet that is provided! It would seem that as far as animals go this is the place to be! They do have the life!

     I am not going to get in to deep on personal life matters but the kids are doing great and love it out here. My last relationship didn't pan out. I took some time for me and have since found  someone who is willing to be serious in life and understands that we are not here to change each other and wants to love me for who I am. Which is no small task that's for damn sure! Here is hoping for the best on that!

     I will try to find some time to put a few pictures on here later on. As always, let me know what you think. Share this page around so others can read my past musings. Follow me. even comment that it sucked if that's what you think.

     Have a great day everyone and until next time this is The American Made Blogger signing off!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello My fellow Americans, and those from around the world who may be reading this!

Its that time again. The time for cookouts, kids running around the yard, fantastic firework displays, that drunk guy who insist on jumping over the fireworks, you know these guys! But is all the hustle and potato salad, cole slaw, and charbroiled burgers and Red, White, and Blue banners My hope is that each and every one of us take a few minutes to remember what this all means, how we got here, where we are heading and how we can continue to keep this country great for future generations!

Lets start with The Declaration of Independence shall we. The colonist had decided enough is enough when it came to a tyrannical king who didnt have the peoples best interest at heart. Over run with military, taxes, and an unfair judicial system to list a few, they were done. Those who signed the declaration knew that when they put their names in ink that there was no going back and they would be marked men. If I remember history correctly most of them were killed shortly after it was signed. They had angered the king, and there would be payback from him. Knowing this they went forward and are still remembered to this day as some of Americas greatest Patriots! Many are still quoted and their quotes still ring true over two centuries later.

What was it they said that angered the king so much? Was it exposing his tyranny and telling the truth? Was it that they wanted to be free of him and out from under his boot of rule? Was it the king knew if he lost these subjects it would show weakness in his crown and possibly cause others to follow the colonist in rebellion? Or was it the money he would no longer be getting? I bet each had their role but the last would be the most important. See like today money rules the world and he/she with the most money can rule the world. That is why the king spent so much money to try to stop the rebellion, had he not had the funds to fight the war it would not have lasted for as long as it did. But even with all his money he ended up unsuccessful in maintaining control of the new lands. The winners then drafted a new law of the land, not to be abused by an individual or even a group.

As great as it was The Constitution and Bill of Rights has been twisted to suit the needs of the few at the cost of the many. It has been a long process but they did it and still to this day they shred it little by little. They are sly about it, sneaky, planting seeds in the minds of the uneducated and the youth of this nation. As simple and changing words, and telling small lies until whole populations believe them to be the truth! Things like we live in a democracy, like using the words "living document" when referring to The Constitution. using words like progressive on an agenda that actually moves us backwards toward socialism and communism. Having almost half the population on welfare and food stamps and telling them they deserve it and government will take care of them. Wars on inanimate objects like drugs, when is reality the government is the the worlds larges shipper and distributor of "illegal" drugs. Then trying to shift the blame on the cartels and the afghan poppy growers. But sadly the masses believe the lies they are told.

I could go on and on but if you are reading this you are well aware of what is going on, YOU ARE AWAKE! For that I thank you. I also thank you for trying to wake up the rest of the sleeping sheeple. It is a hard task at hand, one I have been tirelessly doing for many years now. Trying to find outlets to get the word out. trying to spread truth to as many as possible! TIP: Small doses, if you feed them too much at once they will overload and reject the truth. Plant the seed and let it grow. It may take more than one seed planted before you get results. I have never seen a garden grow from a single seed. Although there are rare instances when a vine will takeover the flowerbed!

I ask this my FELLOW AMERICANS. When your family and friends are gathered this holiday do your country a favor, Thank those fighting to keep America the land of the free, and plant that seed. Do not forget about the youth either. They are our future. Set them on the correct path of freedom and liberty. Get them thinking about it young and they will have years to grow and study and see the truth. They will be our future freedom fighters. We cannot let the progressive/liberal/marxist/socialist/communist mindset seed be planted. That will surely destroy what we have. Many of us will not be around to see the fruits of our labors but I know I will rest easy when I die knowing I have done everything I can to keep the liberty tree standing strong! Even if that includes watering her with the blood of tyrants and patriots as well! 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

My How Times are Changing

     Stop and look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? How does it make you feel?

     I see a government controlled media telling me my values are no longer valid because it offends others. I see them try to tear down Marco Rubio for drinking water during the biggest speech so far in his political career. I see the praise of Christopher Dorner who killed innocent people for no good reason other than to try to make himself a martyr. I see no mention of Chris Kyle, a war hero who asked for nothing but freedom in return of service and helped other soldiers try to overcome PTSD.

     I see no mention of the attempt to strip our rights away. I see no mention of proud Americans who are standing up for the rights of fellow Americans, even if they have different points of view, even thought they use Sandy Hook and Aurora CO as excuses to take away rights. I see no mention of a "president" who will arm the muslim brotherhood and help their takeover of two countries that oppose the central banking system. Yet the same "president" will call for a vote to try to disarm free citizens, the media doesnt mind running that.

     All the while we have a population that does not understand the founding principals of these United States. Who believe they are entitled to something. Who believe we live in a democracy. Who believe the government is suppose to take care of them. Who are willing to trade their liberties and freedoms for the idea of security. These people are going to be the first ones rioting in the streets when their food stamps and welfare and cell phones are cut off. They lack the basic knowledge and ability to provide for their families. They will be the first to suffer, they already are suffering, they simply dont know it yet. Those are the ones the government depends on to be the majority. They will be easier to control.

     We have a population that understand founding principals. How a constitutional republic is suppose to work. How Americans are suppose to work! Work for what you want in life. Work for the knowledge and ability to provide and pass that knowledge onto their children. To pass freedom and liberty to the next generation and create our own security. We will suffer as well. Suffer as our country is divided. Suffer as our fellow Americans are killed. Suffer as the laws of this land are trampled and we have to leave our families behind to fight and face death to preserve freedom against an enemy force.  A force that will most likely be foreign. The blue helmet kind. The red kind. American soldiers will not turn on their own. A few will but they will not survive by the hand of those they currently stand next to.

     The power struggle continues. The rapid acceleration of ignorance will continue. The division of Americans will continue. I wish I could say there is no right or left, and we are all Americans with the same goal, the same dream. But that would be a lie. My hope is that those who oppose freedom wise up before it is too late, and those that stand with them see the error of their ways.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Monsanto owns the world!

     Who or what is monsanto?

     Edgar Monsanto Queeny founded in 1901. His son took over in 1929(varying dates on that one). Queeny handed it over to Charles Thomas in 1960. (It starts to get real vague on who actually owns Monsanto after that.) Charles Allen Thomas, was a scientist who played a key role in the development of the atom bomb in World War II and went on to become head of the Monsanto Company. He studied at Transylvania University in Lexington KY, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as holding many patents world wide in several different areas of science and chemestry. He appears to head up the development of many chemicals that have affected our lives since for good and bad.

     They have contaminated several cities in US and England. They said at the time everything was fine, no cause for alarm, WRONG AGAIN! There are several suits settled out of court and many still pending and many dismissed because the influence Monsanto has in the world and the people running the show.

     They manufacture Roundup and many other herbicides and several plants that are GMO (geneticly modified organisms) that are resistant to Roundup. They also hold patents on real life production of dairy products from animals that have been engineered by scientist. They have also the contracts and patents on most seeds that are Geneticlly Modified and the ability to confiscate crops if their GMO strains have cross polinated.

     The companies first product was saccharin which it sold to Coca-Cola. They went into the industrial chemical business making sulfuric acid, salicylic acid, vanillin, aspirin and rubber chemicals. In the 1940's they got into producing polystyrene which is a hydrocarbon made from crude oil (I refuse to use the term fossil fuels, which I can get into at a later time). Polystyrene is plastic and is still produced to this day in everything from grocery bags, coolers, cutlery, milk jugs, tupperware, furniture, packaging, the list goes on and on! In truth that is why crude is pulled from the ground, to make plastics, gasoline and deisel is just a small amount of what a barrel of oil is used for.

    Along with polystryene, they started producing synthetic fibers, a petroleum based product, better known as nylon, polyester, and acrylic, which dominate the clothing and fabric market. A few more plastics that are used in the farming industry are, expanded polystyrene flakes, urea-formaldehyde foam resin,polyurethane foam, and phenolic resin foam which are sold to help inprove the growth of plants. (I wonder if these are by-products of the processes of manufacturing chemicals and sold to us to "help us" in one way or the other so they dont have to account for filling up land fills. They have turned waste into profit!)

     While these guys were figuring out petroleum products they were also busy creating wonderful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides such as the classic DDT and the always popular Agent Orange, which was dumped on American solders during The Vietnam War. (If you are unaware of the last two chemicals I suggest you google and read up because they are pure poison and Monsanto knew it all along.) They also came up with Aspertame, (note: I keep finding conflicting reports on who actually made aspertame and what decade. Monsanto may have created it and another scientist discovered its sweetness. I wouldn't take credit for it either!)

     Monsanto, already a powerhouse in many industries, began buying up companies and have over the years produced most things you see around you. Everything from Bayer, to LED's, the display's on calculators, Bovine Growth Hormone (Your milk and meat are affected.), to seeds that are genetically modified to be immune to the herbicides like roundup, and that do not produce seeds that are capable of reproducing like normal plants would. Essentially controlling the market and controlling the food for the world. (That is instrumental for a population decrease!)

     These are just some of the examples of what Monsanto is doing. Who really knows how much they are doing behind closed doors. As far as "The Elite" I think it is safe to say Monsanto is at the top of the food chain... pun intended.

     What does this mean? Well what did you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Was it wrapped in plastics? Odds are Monsanto has a hand in all of it, and the fact is you really dont know what they have put in it or the packaging. If you heat plastic it breaks down molecularly and contaminates the food product. That includes bottled water that is heated to steralize for "safe drinking."

     On a final note remember how much plastic plays a role in your everyday life. Dog toys, cookware coatings, clothing, appliances, even the construction of your home. Remember that plactics are made from petroleum. Remember that fuel for cars is a by-product, or you can look at it as the small percentage fuel from oil leaves a lot of waste that Monsanto has capitalized on and integrated in your life, at what cost to you and your family and the population. (Also think of the oil industry and the price of everything from gas to food. More "Elite" if you will.) Higher cancer rates, more disease in the human condition and countless other ailments like sterilization of humans, not to forget the impact synthetic chemicals have on our environment, some of which may take 50 to 100 years or more to discover.

     As always do your own research. But thanks for reading and feel free to comment and share. Word of mouth is the best advertising! Im still taking suggestions on topics if there is something you want more info on.

                                                         THANKS AGAIN,
                                                                      John Q Constitution III
                                                SEMPER VIGILANS MY FRIENDS

Sunday, May 20, 2012


...and do you even know why? Probably not. That is whats sad! Sheeple!

Primary elections. Thats why!

Im reading reports that only 10% of us will vote that day. 10%! We have to do better than that.

Unless you like Obama to get re-elected, or you want a Romney in there!

I stand with Dr. Ron Paul! A champion of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Small government, No big brother watching you. A simple tax code! (do you even know what the tax code is?) A country that doesnt go starting wars. That takes care of it's self first. Not the government taking care of its people, the people taking care their fellow neighbors and Americans. Putting an end to Illegal Immigration. Hey I like the Idea of a self sustaining country that isn't dependant on the central banking system. That isn't controlled by puppet politicians on strings. An end to the FED. PUTTING AMERICA FIRST. Not apologizing for who we are and what we do because we wont wrong other countries! True equal rights. A true capitialist system. Ending socialism and socialized programs. Defeating communism like we did before. the list goes on and on my friends!

But look at how many are asleep. Look at how many just let this continue to build. The people that dont care are the ones who are truly to blame for letting this happen. Those voiceless who think their say doesnt count and want to bitch about the state of affairs after the fact.

Media also gets the blame, I dont know where the freedom of press went but I bet it has something to do with the FCC and fear of a shutdown if they dont stick to the status quo. Hell most Americans arent aware Ron Paul is still in the race! The media completely ignores him and his wisdom. But gets a bigger turnout than Romney every time he makes an appearance, ten fold. but the media will report on him because he is just another puppet on a string!

Not all of us are asleep... We are watching... Letting our voices be heard... We are growing in numbers... We are tired of the game they play with our lives... our foutunes... our freedoms... our childrens futures... because they lust for power, greed flows like lava in their veins consuming their morality... for what, they cant take it with them... but they can pass it on to their children who will be consumed with the same greed and lust as their forefathers...

I must admit that my forefathers lust and greed flows in my veins though. But mine is for more freedom and control over my life. To be held accountable for my own actions. To make decisions for myself and to pass that on to my children and theirs after.

Where do you stand? Does this strike a nerve in you? Will you open your eyes to the reality of our day and age? Are they already open and are looking for a way to be heard? Or, are you a patriot who will stand and fight agianst the corruption that has our country in a choke-hold.

...or will you think this writer is a basket cas,e and roll over and go back to sleep? The choice is yours, choose wisely, because in the end some of us will die for America, will you tell your children that you cowered in the corner and did nothing or will you recall the glory of saving your Republic, or will your children tell stories of you dying to save their lives?

Thanks for reading, comment, and please share this page with everyone you can. We have to get the word out!

SEMPER VIGILANS ..........................3%er for life...............MOLON LABE........................
                                                 John Q. Constitution III

P.S. I'm thinking of doing topic request. If there is something you want to know or want my opinion on feel free to comment a request and I will make it happen! Thanks again!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


                     This man needs to be in power so the power of government can be limited!

                                     I know these are older but the truth doesnt go out of style!

Ron Paul 2012!!!

Great music for your ears and mind!

Spot on with this one!

Here is a wonderful link for The Constitution of The United States of America!

I just hope that the next president is voted in because of his morals and integrity.
Dont believe what the media tells you, research for yourself and dont believe everything until it has been verified several times over by yourself!
Be prepared for the worst and be ready to take care and feed your children and family!

-American Made Blogger!!


                                 Hello and welcome back to The American Made Blogger!
     I have been off here for a while due to lack of an interned acessing device. But dont fear I have been watching, thinking and gathering thoughts for the time to be right. I will be writing an on topic blog as soon as I finish this off topic one.

     But to mothers is where this one belongs! To my own who I very nearly lost right before christmas I have so much love! To my Grandmother who was instrumental is raising me and is no longer with me but is immortalized in ink until my body returns to the Earth. I love you both!

     To my wonderful companion of 3 years who has been helping me raise my children Happy Mothers Day to you also! It says something about a persons honor and strength when they step up to the plate and raise children that are not their own. I love you dearly Sweetness and thank you!!

     To ALL mothers everywhere I say thank you and hope all your days are filled with joy that you so deeply deserve. Our children are our future and we all need to remember to put them first!

                                            Happy Mothers Day!