Monday, May 28, 2012

Monsanto owns the world!

     Who or what is monsanto?

     Edgar Monsanto Queeny founded in 1901. His son took over in 1929(varying dates on that one). Queeny handed it over to Charles Thomas in 1960. (It starts to get real vague on who actually owns Monsanto after that.) Charles Allen Thomas, was a scientist who played a key role in the development of the atom bomb in World War II and went on to become head of the Monsanto Company. He studied at Transylvania University in Lexington KY, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as holding many patents world wide in several different areas of science and chemestry. He appears to head up the development of many chemicals that have affected our lives since for good and bad.

     They have contaminated several cities in US and England. They said at the time everything was fine, no cause for alarm, WRONG AGAIN! There are several suits settled out of court and many still pending and many dismissed because the influence Monsanto has in the world and the people running the show.

     They manufacture Roundup and many other herbicides and several plants that are GMO (geneticly modified organisms) that are resistant to Roundup. They also hold patents on real life production of dairy products from animals that have been engineered by scientist. They have also the contracts and patents on most seeds that are Geneticlly Modified and the ability to confiscate crops if their GMO strains have cross polinated.

     The companies first product was saccharin which it sold to Coca-Cola. They went into the industrial chemical business making sulfuric acid, salicylic acid, vanillin, aspirin and rubber chemicals. In the 1940's they got into producing polystyrene which is a hydrocarbon made from crude oil (I refuse to use the term fossil fuels, which I can get into at a later time). Polystyrene is plastic and is still produced to this day in everything from grocery bags, coolers, cutlery, milk jugs, tupperware, furniture, packaging, the list goes on and on! In truth that is why crude is pulled from the ground, to make plastics, gasoline and deisel is just a small amount of what a barrel of oil is used for.

    Along with polystryene, they started producing synthetic fibers, a petroleum based product, better known as nylon, polyester, and acrylic, which dominate the clothing and fabric market. A few more plastics that are used in the farming industry are, expanded polystyrene flakes, urea-formaldehyde foam resin,polyurethane foam, and phenolic resin foam which are sold to help inprove the growth of plants. (I wonder if these are by-products of the processes of manufacturing chemicals and sold to us to "help us" in one way or the other so they dont have to account for filling up land fills. They have turned waste into profit!)

     While these guys were figuring out petroleum products they were also busy creating wonderful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides such as the classic DDT and the always popular Agent Orange, which was dumped on American solders during The Vietnam War. (If you are unaware of the last two chemicals I suggest you google and read up because they are pure poison and Monsanto knew it all along.) They also came up with Aspertame, (note: I keep finding conflicting reports on who actually made aspertame and what decade. Monsanto may have created it and another scientist discovered its sweetness. I wouldn't take credit for it either!)

     Monsanto, already a powerhouse in many industries, began buying up companies and have over the years produced most things you see around you. Everything from Bayer, to LED's, the display's on calculators, Bovine Growth Hormone (Your milk and meat are affected.), to seeds that are genetically modified to be immune to the herbicides like roundup, and that do not produce seeds that are capable of reproducing like normal plants would. Essentially controlling the market and controlling the food for the world. (That is instrumental for a population decrease!)

     These are just some of the examples of what Monsanto is doing. Who really knows how much they are doing behind closed doors. As far as "The Elite" I think it is safe to say Monsanto is at the top of the food chain... pun intended.

     What does this mean? Well what did you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Was it wrapped in plastics? Odds are Monsanto has a hand in all of it, and the fact is you really dont know what they have put in it or the packaging. If you heat plastic it breaks down molecularly and contaminates the food product. That includes bottled water that is heated to steralize for "safe drinking."

     On a final note remember how much plastic plays a role in your everyday life. Dog toys, cookware coatings, clothing, appliances, even the construction of your home. Remember that plactics are made from petroleum. Remember that fuel for cars is a by-product, or you can look at it as the small percentage fuel from oil leaves a lot of waste that Monsanto has capitalized on and integrated in your life, at what cost to you and your family and the population. (Also think of the oil industry and the price of everything from gas to food. More "Elite" if you will.) Higher cancer rates, more disease in the human condition and countless other ailments like sterilization of humans, not to forget the impact synthetic chemicals have on our environment, some of which may take 50 to 100 years or more to discover.

     As always do your own research. But thanks for reading and feel free to comment and share. Word of mouth is the best advertising! Im still taking suggestions on topics if there is something you want more info on.

                                                         THANKS AGAIN,
                                                                      John Q Constitution III
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