Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello My fellow Americans, and those from around the world who may be reading this!

Its that time again. The time for cookouts, kids running around the yard, fantastic firework displays, that drunk guy who insist on jumping over the fireworks, you know these guys! But is all the hustle and potato salad, cole slaw, and charbroiled burgers and Red, White, and Blue banners My hope is that each and every one of us take a few minutes to remember what this all means, how we got here, where we are heading and how we can continue to keep this country great for future generations!

Lets start with The Declaration of Independence shall we. The colonist had decided enough is enough when it came to a tyrannical king who didnt have the peoples best interest at heart. Over run with military, taxes, and an unfair judicial system to list a few, they were done. Those who signed the declaration knew that when they put their names in ink that there was no going back and they would be marked men. If I remember history correctly most of them were killed shortly after it was signed. They had angered the king, and there would be payback from him. Knowing this they went forward and are still remembered to this day as some of Americas greatest Patriots! Many are still quoted and their quotes still ring true over two centuries later.

What was it they said that angered the king so much? Was it exposing his tyranny and telling the truth? Was it that they wanted to be free of him and out from under his boot of rule? Was it the king knew if he lost these subjects it would show weakness in his crown and possibly cause others to follow the colonist in rebellion? Or was it the money he would no longer be getting? I bet each had their role but the last would be the most important. See like today money rules the world and he/she with the most money can rule the world. That is why the king spent so much money to try to stop the rebellion, had he not had the funds to fight the war it would not have lasted for as long as it did. But even with all his money he ended up unsuccessful in maintaining control of the new lands. The winners then drafted a new law of the land, not to be abused by an individual or even a group.

As great as it was The Constitution and Bill of Rights has been twisted to suit the needs of the few at the cost of the many. It has been a long process but they did it and still to this day they shred it little by little. They are sly about it, sneaky, planting seeds in the minds of the uneducated and the youth of this nation. As simple and changing words, and telling small lies until whole populations believe them to be the truth! Things like we live in a democracy, like using the words "living document" when referring to The Constitution. using words like progressive on an agenda that actually moves us backwards toward socialism and communism. Having almost half the population on welfare and food stamps and telling them they deserve it and government will take care of them. Wars on inanimate objects like drugs, when is reality the government is the the worlds larges shipper and distributor of "illegal" drugs. Then trying to shift the blame on the cartels and the afghan poppy growers. But sadly the masses believe the lies they are told.

I could go on and on but if you are reading this you are well aware of what is going on, YOU ARE AWAKE! For that I thank you. I also thank you for trying to wake up the rest of the sleeping sheeple. It is a hard task at hand, one I have been tirelessly doing for many years now. Trying to find outlets to get the word out. trying to spread truth to as many as possible! TIP: Small doses, if you feed them too much at once they will overload and reject the truth. Plant the seed and let it grow. It may take more than one seed planted before you get results. I have never seen a garden grow from a single seed. Although there are rare instances when a vine will takeover the flowerbed!

I ask this my FELLOW AMERICANS. When your family and friends are gathered this holiday do your country a favor, Thank those fighting to keep America the land of the free, and plant that seed. Do not forget about the youth either. They are our future. Set them on the correct path of freedom and liberty. Get them thinking about it young and they will have years to grow and study and see the truth. They will be our future freedom fighters. We cannot let the progressive/liberal/marxist/socialist/communist mindset seed be planted. That will surely destroy what we have. Many of us will not be around to see the fruits of our labors but I know I will rest easy when I die knowing I have done everything I can to keep the liberty tree standing strong! Even if that includes watering her with the blood of tyrants and patriots as well! 


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