Sunday, May 20, 2012


...and do you even know why? Probably not. That is whats sad! Sheeple!

Primary elections. Thats why!

Im reading reports that only 10% of us will vote that day. 10%! We have to do better than that.

Unless you like Obama to get re-elected, or you want a Romney in there!

I stand with Dr. Ron Paul! A champion of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Small government, No big brother watching you. A simple tax code! (do you even know what the tax code is?) A country that doesnt go starting wars. That takes care of it's self first. Not the government taking care of its people, the people taking care their fellow neighbors and Americans. Putting an end to Illegal Immigration. Hey I like the Idea of a self sustaining country that isn't dependant on the central banking system. That isn't controlled by puppet politicians on strings. An end to the FED. PUTTING AMERICA FIRST. Not apologizing for who we are and what we do because we wont wrong other countries! True equal rights. A true capitialist system. Ending socialism and socialized programs. Defeating communism like we did before. the list goes on and on my friends!

But look at how many are asleep. Look at how many just let this continue to build. The people that dont care are the ones who are truly to blame for letting this happen. Those voiceless who think their say doesnt count and want to bitch about the state of affairs after the fact.

Media also gets the blame, I dont know where the freedom of press went but I bet it has something to do with the FCC and fear of a shutdown if they dont stick to the status quo. Hell most Americans arent aware Ron Paul is still in the race! The media completely ignores him and his wisdom. But gets a bigger turnout than Romney every time he makes an appearance, ten fold. but the media will report on him because he is just another puppet on a string!

Not all of us are asleep... We are watching... Letting our voices be heard... We are growing in numbers... We are tired of the game they play with our lives... our foutunes... our freedoms... our childrens futures... because they lust for power, greed flows like lava in their veins consuming their morality... for what, they cant take it with them... but they can pass it on to their children who will be consumed with the same greed and lust as their forefathers...

I must admit that my forefathers lust and greed flows in my veins though. But mine is for more freedom and control over my life. To be held accountable for my own actions. To make decisions for myself and to pass that on to my children and theirs after.

Where do you stand? Does this strike a nerve in you? Will you open your eyes to the reality of our day and age? Are they already open and are looking for a way to be heard? Or, are you a patriot who will stand and fight agianst the corruption that has our country in a choke-hold.

...or will you think this writer is a basket cas,e and roll over and go back to sleep? The choice is yours, choose wisely, because in the end some of us will die for America, will you tell your children that you cowered in the corner and did nothing or will you recall the glory of saving your Republic, or will your children tell stories of you dying to save their lives?

Thanks for reading, comment, and please share this page with everyone you can. We have to get the word out!

SEMPER VIGILANS ..........................3%er for life...............MOLON LABE........................
                                                 John Q. Constitution III

P.S. I'm thinking of doing topic request. If there is something you want to know or want my opinion on feel free to comment a request and I will make it happen! Thanks again!

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