Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's been too long.....

     I realized something last week. Actually it's been in the back of my head for quite some time. I haven't put my thoughts out here lately. While I am an overflowing pot of thoughts and randomness, once you get so much in your head its seems hard to keep the train of thought moving in the intended direction. So what I will do is give a few updates on the going ons in my life and then I will decide where the next blog will go. I am always open to suggestions from my readers if there is something you want me to expand on for you. Keep that in mind.

     My live has changed quite a bit in the last year and a half or so since I was on here. I am now in the country side. With that comes all the things that the country life has to offer. Cool mornings on the porch drinking coffee. Lovely nights around the fire. Days filled with tending animals and enough house work to keep this father of three so busy it is unreal, all the while I have a full time job to help me pay for the life of farming and prepping I want to live.

     Farming, I'll start here, When I was in the city I was square foot gardening in my backyard. That was great! I had my faithful beagle Chicken George and a couple cats to keep the critters out of my mini-garden. When I moved out here I though small scale was easy lets go larger.... not so fast! I was not ready for that. while I was able to get a few things off of the plant, several yellow squash, several cucumbers, two small pumpkins, a handful or so ears of corn, four bottle gourds, several servings of yellow wax beans(which was the largest amount by far and very delicious), and two different tomato varieties for the most part it was not successful in terms of harvest. I was successful in learning though and that was key and what I was after. I have a new game plan for next year which involves a mix of the square foot methods, growing in bales of hay, and using the fenced in area of my yard. I have already been working on getting the land ready in that area using natural methods. Which I will cover in future blogs.

     Animals. I have been reading up on keeping various animals for food. I raised some baby chicks for the first time. They were doing great I even got a few eggs. I was letting them free range and that worked for a while until my Pit/lab mix Tyson decided he wanted to play with them one day while I was at work. I lost two to him. I lost another to a wild animal. I still have one rooster left and he is still crowing in the morning giving away his position. Not the smartest animals. I have the materials to build a larger coop and in the spring I will be getting a new flock of birds and I do not believe I will be letting them run loose on the property! I also have 3 rabbits. I am going to be breeding them soon. I have a few different things I want to try like selling some, eating some and trading for supplies. They did breed once but again my lack of knowledge got the better of me. But hey, if you don't try and fail how will you ever know what is needed to succeed! I will also be including updates on here about livestock in the future.

     I also rescued a drowning kitten. He looks like he is going to be rather large and is crazy as hell so hopefully he does his job and keeps the mice out of the house. I mentioned Tyson, He is another rescue. Such a good boy, other than the chicken thing, He is wonderful with kids. Loves to be around them no matter how many there are running around out here. He is also a great guard dog. I hate to be the person that he feels shouldn't be here when no one else is. Also I will add that along with George and Tyson, the neighbor has two old beagles that love to come back here and lay on the porch or out in the shed and enjoy the buffet that is provided! It would seem that as far as animals go this is the place to be! They do have the life!

     I am not going to get in to deep on personal life matters but the kids are doing great and love it out here. My last relationship didn't pan out. I took some time for me and have since found  someone who is willing to be serious in life and understands that we are not here to change each other and wants to love me for who I am. Which is no small task that's for damn sure! Here is hoping for the best on that!

     I will try to find some time to put a few pictures on here later on. As always, let me know what you think. Share this page around so others can read my past musings. Follow me. even comment that it sucked if that's what you think.

     Have a great day everyone and until next time this is The American Made Blogger signing off!

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