Sunday, May 13, 2012


                                 Hello and welcome back to The American Made Blogger!
     I have been off here for a while due to lack of an interned acessing device. But dont fear I have been watching, thinking and gathering thoughts for the time to be right. I will be writing an on topic blog as soon as I finish this off topic one.

     But to mothers is where this one belongs! To my own who I very nearly lost right before christmas I have so much love! To my Grandmother who was instrumental is raising me and is no longer with me but is immortalized in ink until my body returns to the Earth. I love you both!

     To my wonderful companion of 3 years who has been helping me raise my children Happy Mothers Day to you also! It says something about a persons honor and strength when they step up to the plate and raise children that are not their own. I love you dearly Sweetness and thank you!!

     To ALL mothers everywhere I say thank you and hope all your days are filled with joy that you so deeply deserve. Our children are our future and we all need to remember to put them first!

                                            Happy Mothers Day!


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