Sunday, February 17, 2013

My How Times are Changing

     Stop and look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? How does it make you feel?

     I see a government controlled media telling me my values are no longer valid because it offends others. I see them try to tear down Marco Rubio for drinking water during the biggest speech so far in his political career. I see the praise of Christopher Dorner who killed innocent people for no good reason other than to try to make himself a martyr. I see no mention of Chris Kyle, a war hero who asked for nothing but freedom in return of service and helped other soldiers try to overcome PTSD.

     I see no mention of the attempt to strip our rights away. I see no mention of proud Americans who are standing up for the rights of fellow Americans, even if they have different points of view, even thought they use Sandy Hook and Aurora CO as excuses to take away rights. I see no mention of a "president" who will arm the muslim brotherhood and help their takeover of two countries that oppose the central banking system. Yet the same "president" will call for a vote to try to disarm free citizens, the media doesnt mind running that.

     All the while we have a population that does not understand the founding principals of these United States. Who believe they are entitled to something. Who believe we live in a democracy. Who believe the government is suppose to take care of them. Who are willing to trade their liberties and freedoms for the idea of security. These people are going to be the first ones rioting in the streets when their food stamps and welfare and cell phones are cut off. They lack the basic knowledge and ability to provide for their families. They will be the first to suffer, they already are suffering, they simply dont know it yet. Those are the ones the government depends on to be the majority. They will be easier to control.

     We have a population that understand founding principals. How a constitutional republic is suppose to work. How Americans are suppose to work! Work for what you want in life. Work for the knowledge and ability to provide and pass that knowledge onto their children. To pass freedom and liberty to the next generation and create our own security. We will suffer as well. Suffer as our country is divided. Suffer as our fellow Americans are killed. Suffer as the laws of this land are trampled and we have to leave our families behind to fight and face death to preserve freedom against an enemy force.  A force that will most likely be foreign. The blue helmet kind. The red kind. American soldiers will not turn on their own. A few will but they will not survive by the hand of those they currently stand next to.

     The power struggle continues. The rapid acceleration of ignorance will continue. The division of Americans will continue. I wish I could say there is no right or left, and we are all Americans with the same goal, the same dream. But that would be a lie. My hope is that those who oppose freedom wise up before it is too late, and those that stand with them see the error of their ways.


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