Thursday, January 6, 2011


What can I say? It is a new year, so lets enjoy what we have shall we!!!

First off your reading this so your on the right side of the sod. But what about those birds and fish and crabs that have died all over the world for no aparent reason? Whats up with that? Is someone or a group of someones perfecting something???? Im Just Sayin!

How about that global warming? Im thinking we are due for another pole shift! They have happened several times in the past, why not now or in the near future? I have always wondered what was really under all that ice in Antartica! Lost civilization, maybe a pyramid or two?

Speaking of pyramids did you know they found one in Boznia? Aparently its so old the trees are covering it and they didnt know it was there! Search for Boznian pyramid and check it out its pretty kool. (Once I figure this blog out I will post more links and photos of what I am writing about.)

I will throw out a few names for you to look up if you havent already. Try George Noory, Jesse Ventura, Whitley Streiber, and i'll throw Rand Paul in there just to mix it up a little. I dont want to be one sided so check out the opposition of these people if you can. Grab all the info you can and do with it what you will! The more informed WE THE PEOPLE are the better off WE THE PEOPLE will be!!

On a less serious note check out my Video game alter-ego I have created! You can find it at my youtube channel, Just search Frosty ThaClown and you will find me there! While your at it subscribe. I have lots of ideas for videos and I am learning how to edit so it should only get better!

I hope you all have a great year and keep reading and viewing!!! and thank you!!!

Love life... I know I do!!!!

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