Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Thoughts for the week. JAN. 16-22 2011

        Welcome back my fellow humans to an all new, exciting, spectacular, so awesome you should tell your friends 10 Random Thoughts!!!! Not really but hey, one can dream cant he!!! Any ways I hope you all had a great week as I know I did, thanks for coming back, and now on with the thoughts!!

1. History. Did you see the Bosnian pyramids yet? People are arguing as to if it was man made or not. It is bigger than the one at Giza. Some say it is natural made others say it was man made. From my perspective it looks man made. Supposedly it looks like the Pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, therefore it is being called the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. There are four other pyramids in the area with respective names of the cosmos. They were recently named. Along with being discovered within the last 5-10 years and the mysterious nature of them, (people have been living there for thousands of years and didnt realize there were pyramids next to them.) not much is known. All I know is there are a lot of pyramids around the world and we really know nothing about their true origins and how they were build. And NO I do not believe the egyptians built the pyramids with slaves. I think they are a lot older than we are told. I have a gut feeling( and I have a pretty big gut and I will listen to it!) there is alot we dont know! Here is a link to get you started on that, enjoy!

2. Lost History. Along that subject... Atlantis!!!!!! Was It real? If so where was it? How could a whole continent dissapear? Well I have an idea. Antartica! Makes perfest sense to me. There is an ice sheet 3 miles thick in spots down there. We may be surprised by whats under all that ice. The Pilliars of Hercules that lead to Atlantis, how about the tips of Africa and South America. The ATLANTIC ocean could lead to and have been named after ATLANTIS!  Did you read about Coral castle on my last blog? The guy who built that claimed to be reincarnated and once lived in Atlantis and he knew how the Pyramids at Giza were built. After seeing what he accomplished I am unwilling not to take his word for it!!!

3. Undiscovered History. Ever notice that asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter? Ever notice how our moon looks? Have you seen the huge craters here on our own planet? What if the asteroid belt was a planet that was cataclysmically destroyed by a meteor or the people living there? What if this was how we got our start as intelligent beings here on Earth? Did you know the Myans had 13 zodiacs? Did you know each zodiac has a ruling planet? We would have to have 13 planets wouldn't we? Did you know astronomers have discovered 3 more "planetoids" in our solar system? Would the 9 we have, counting Pluto as a planet, plus the 3 new ones, along with one that was destroyed equal 13? Did you noticed I asked nothing but questions in that one?

4. Weird Stuff. As I sit here and enjoy come Columbian coffee I cant help but think of the worlds most expensive coffee. Aparently some kind of cat eats the coffee beans and some people go out and pick up the cat shit and wash the beans off and finish the process. I dont know about you but no thanks. I dont need to pay extra for cat shit coffee. I dont even really like cats that much (We do have a really cool cat right now though.) much less enough to drink coffee made from their shit!   BOOM TECKA!!! Thats for you babe! People are weird!!!

5. NFL. Im gonna make my prediction for this week. I see the Jets over the Steelers. Mainly I want to see Pitt lose. Then I want the Bears over the Packers. Mainly for no reason other than the old SNL skit! DA BEARS!!!

6. Kids. I love kids! I have 3 for those that dont know. They are the best. Even when they are sick, they just wanna cuddle and be held its the best thing ever to be wanted. I know there will come a day when they are like "dad dont hug me infront of my friends, your so lame!" but until then I will enjoy it!!! If you have kids you know what I mean!

7. Wrestling. Matt Hardy has joined his brother on TNA. Hopefully we will see a Hardy Boyz reuinion. I havent got a chance to watch his return yet but I have it on my DVR. Its just a matter of time. They were my favorite tag team ever and for what ever reason WWE dropped the ball on tag-team wrestling. TNA has a chance to elevate it to new heights. I also feel that wrestling would benefit from a womens tag-team championship! There are some really good female wrestlers on the scene, along with some pretty bad ones, but a tag-team for them could help boost their level of importance in the wrestling business!!! I am all for womens wrestling getting a big push this year. There are some that feel women shouldn't wrestle but not me, let them get in there and showcase their skills!!!!

8. NASCAR. I know its early but I cant help myself!! Kasey Kahne looks to be in the seat of one of the Redbull Cars for the 2011 season before his contract with Hendrick Motorsports starts in the 2012 season. Where ever he is at I will be cheerin him on and hopefully I can make it to the debut race at Kentucky Speedway this year! I have never been to a NASCAR race and I really look forward to attending this event and gettin drunk off may ass and all out enjoying myself that day! Speaking of Hendrick they already have the TOP drivers on the team and with Mark Martin leaving next year that leaves the Champ Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr. and Kasey Kahne. 2012 Looks to be a lock for them that season and from there on out with drivers like that and pit crews that also top the charts! Also will we see more from Danica Patrick? She has proven to be able to hang with the boys in open wheel cars. Can she keep up in NASCAR? only time will tell!! Lets go racin boys and girls!!!

9. News. The Arizona representive Gabrielle Giffords was moved to Houston for rehab on friday. Im glad she is doing better and she survived a gunshot wound to the head. She has a long road ahead of her but aparently she is strong so I think her future looks good! I wish her and her family the best!!!!

10. Stupid people. Did you see that woman who fell in the fountain while walking and texting? Now she is suing! What the fuck is that shit? This bumb broad can't text and watch where she is going and somehow feels the mall is liable to compensate her dumbass!!! Seriously I believe the judge should throw out her case but not before banning this woman from EVER having a cell phone again! They should also take away her drivers license and ability to reproduce and degrade the human gene pool any further than she already has!!! Thats just this bloggers opinion!!! What a bumb bitch!!!!!

Well that's my thoughts for this Saturday mornin. Its time to bake a cake for my Boy's birthday and lay around on this snow covered day with my love and the kiddos and a few family members eating some goat bar-b-que!!! That's what im talking about! I hope your day is as good as ours is!!!! Thanks for reading and feedback good or bad is always welcome just tell me what you think if you read it!

                                                                     Thanks again,
                                                                  Frosty ThaClown

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