Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday mornin thoughts.

Lets see... what are people thinking.... walking up and opening fire in a crowd of people, killing a 9 year old girl, and many others!! This guy should be strung up and executed publicly!!!! I'm a firm believer in public executions, that is something our government should do that would help curb some of the violence we are seeing in our world. Granted it wont stop all of it but it will stop most, I think people would think about it before they commit senseless acts of violence! I heard that little girls dad on the radio last night and I almost cried along with him because I couldnt imagine what I would do if that was one of my children. I guarantee I would have been that bystander who apprehended him and he probably would not have been alive when the police showed up, I'm just sayin!!!

I dont have much faith in the judicial system, which is where this guy will be for the next 20 years, as some one who is experiencing it first-hand, and watches what goes on around me with your David Camm and all his re-trials, and child molesters who get released from prison(who are a burden on society, another group of people who should be executed publicly!), women who murder their children, (which most could have been prevented because those children are wanted by someone) fathers who are fighting for their children(like myself), and countless other cases that are tied up in the courts and supreme courts costing taxpayers like me and you countless dollars. What are we paying these "public servants" for, to waste our dollars? I'm just sayin!!

Also what is up with the price of gas these days? I mean really, I read in my local paper the the price increase is due to Americans using less fuel... what... do you expect me to believe that!!! I learned in middle school about supply and demand and that is NOT the case there. You might get some of the population to believe that, probably the same ones you have convinced that a plane hit the pentagon, the government didnt have anything to do with 911, and Barry Sortoro is an American citizen, but not me and not a whole bunch of informed Americans! Yes most of the populations are useless eaters and sheeple but not all of us!!!

I will end the rant here today, for even though I get to have a late start I still have a ton of things to do and with the possibility of a snow storm on the way(which should give me more time to get another blog up here) I need to be ready for anything!!! You should too!!! I'M JUST SAYIN!!!!

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