Sunday, December 26, 2010

Introduction to American Made Blogger

        Just A little about me,
             I am 31 with 3 kids and a wonderful girlfriend that I have known for half of my life. I love all things American, football, baseball, wrestling, politics, religion and many more!!! I do like the rest of the world just not as much as I enjoy living as an American!

This blog is intended to be a generalized forum about all the things in our world today mainly from my perspective, (I know everyone doesnt agree with what I say but please keep the hate mail to yourself) We can discuss our points of view openly and agree to disagree if need be! (I wont call you names) Remember the golden rule "do unto others"!!!

 That being said I plan to discuss Religon, Politics, WWE and TNA wrestling, Conspiracy theories, Fishing and hunting (i'm learning the last one), TV shows I watch, and whatever I feel the need to put out there!

I hope that people will read what I have to say and enjoy the fact that there are people out there that do care whats going on around us and meet people of like interest to discuss these issues and to have a little fun while doing so!!!

I also hope to post at least 2-3 blogs a week but Ill see how that pans out. I look forward to your feedback and helping make this column the best it can be!

Thanks for reading and sharing,
Frosty ThaClown

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