Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 (random) Thoughts for the week

Welcome to my blog where everything is on the table!!! Im gonna do a weekly Saturday blog called 10 Random thoughts where anything goes!!! So here goes!!!

1. Wrestling. The Miz is awesome!!! I think he will remain WWE champion until he headlines Wrestlemania. Its important to build him up and build John Morrison up for the set-up of the match of the year! They are doing a great job showcasing new talent for the new generation!!!

2. Wrestling 2. I still think Kane got screwed by them giving Edge the belt. He is closing in on the end of his career and he should go out in top like the Big Red Machine should. maybe they will have it go that way but one can only hope and keep watching to see!!!

3. Local Politics. Because of the shooting by that nut-job in AZ one of our local public servants feels the need to try to ban assault weapons. Get real this is Kentucky! We are rednecks and we love our guns and our freedoms and we want it to stay that way!! Banning weapons will only cause law-abiding citizens like myself lose the ability do defend our selves and property against criminals, or cause us to be considered criminals for not turning in our guns!!! DONT MESS WITH THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

4. Personal Note. On a social networking site someone called me un-American for telling someone else they were a communist because of that persons view points. Hey if the shoe fits! I told the other person to study communisim and socialism and then question my patriotism... guess what they havent responded. SURPRIZE!!! Damn commies!!

5 Weather. Where is the global warming? I was reading an article from 1976 and it was talking about the coming ice age. ICE AGE!! It only took them 25 years to change their mind on something that has been happening since our planet has had an atmosphere! Here is an Idea, You have no clue what is going on so stop trying to hype up your agendas with fear tactics! I deal with facts and the fact remains that for millions of years our planet has gone through cycles of weather and pole shifts that directly affect the weather. My educated guess would be that it will continue long after our race is whiped clean from this planet like the virus we have become!!! I love this planet and how far we have come but if we dont change some things like living in harmony with the planet our time on here will be limited. It's not all our fault but fact remains that there are very few dinosaurs still around.

6. Economy. Have you seen the price of gold and silver? How about the price of oil and gas. The American dollar is becoming worthless. The Federal Reserve just keeps printing money making it worth less and less. Here is a fun fact, 100 years ago a $20 gold piece would buy you a nice suit. That same $20 dollar piece today will still buy you a nice suit. Make sense? It should!!

7. Economy 2. The price of coffee is also at an all time high due to struggling economies around the world coupled with demand! Coffee is not the only thing trending in that fashion almost all commodities that we use daily are ramping up in price. When will it end? Who can say, maybe when the whole world is like a third world country and our population is at an all time low? Im Just Sayin!

8. Misc. Here is an interesting one for ya. The Georga guidestones. In our own back yard none the less. Comissioned by an unknown individual, made of granite to stand the test of time and astronomicaly aligned. Very mysterious indeed!!!

9 Misc. 2. Coral Castle. This guy knew something the rest of us don't! I encourage you to read into the creator of this marvelous work of art of monolithic proportions!! Absolutely amazing!!!!

10. NFL. My teams are out but my girlfriend is pulling for the Ravens. I can dig it and I hope they "GO-ALL-THE-WAY"!!!!!  I will be watching, I have ho do something until NASCAR starts back up! BTW the first ever SPRINT CUP race at the KENTUCKY SPEEDWAY  will be run this year and I really hope to be there for it. It will be alot of firsts for me and It should be great!!!!

Well thats that! Was it random enough? Tell me what you think good or bad I can take it! Feedback is always welcome and it will help me improve my blog for the readers(even though I dont have many right now)!! Thanks again and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                        Frosty ThaClown

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