Sunday, February 27, 2011

American and will!

It seens as though Old Glory, otherwise known as Betsy, is lookin a little tattered these days! After much consideration about getting a new one along with the Flag of Gasden, I have decided to get both and proudly display them on my abode! But back to Betsy, she has been a grand ol' flag and a high flying flag, and in WAR time she has waved! so I will do the American and patriotic thing and respectfully fold her up and place her in the fire-pit on my patio on a cool spring night! I would rather do this than take her to a VFW or a Legion post and have someone else do it, after all she has waved at my house for almost two years now so I should and will be the one to send her to that big flagpole in the sky! Pun intended! It is also a way for me to show the kids how to properly dispose of her and maybe teach them a little respect for the flag and our country and what she stands for! All this will take place shortly after I buy me a new Betsy and  a new Gasden! It will be a small little ceremony, no event on facebook or anything, and I might even have The Star Spangled Banner playing softly in the background!!

BTW, Betsy is what my Nan Nan always called her cars!

I do hope everyone is paying attention to what is going on around the world! There is revolution brewing everywhere and we here in America will pay for it unless we have a revolution of our own! Thomas Jefferson said that we would have to have a revolution every generation for our country to succeed the way it was intended! We have failed him and our founding fathers and now it is almost too late! But together we stand and we can take back our country from the tyrants that run it these days and put respectable people in office that want to see America win!!!

I am a great American, a Tea-partier, a truther, a birther, a gun toting, meat eating, red blooded, patriotic, AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone and if you read this you are the resistance!!!!

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