Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wonderful Randomness

 Hello there and thanks for stopping by once again!!! Welcome back to the American Made Blogger!!!!

Here I go shall I RANDOM THOUGHTS for ya?

(1) Westboro Baptist Church. These moronic fuckers are picketing service men and womens funerals because they think "God is sending a message to America that he hates fags and we are being punished for the sins and accepting fags in America!" I have nothing against gay people and know quite a few actually. I would even choose to have some fighting along side me defending the constitution and am proud to call them family and friends!!! What I do have a problem with is a bunch of closet homosexuals praying to a made up god (yes, I went there), living by made up rules that were supposedly handed down from said made up god, harassing others to make themselves look better in their own eyes and the eyes of a made up god! Get real fuckers! Doesn't your God teach compassion and love for ALL men, forgiveness and repentance! These idiots cand even follow there own book of faith correctly end then expect to be taken seriously. I bet even there God is laughing at them on the sidelines thinking what the hell are these jackasses talking about!!! Im just saying!!!

(2) God, god, GODS, or none at all. Let me clarify one thing real quick. I DO NOT believe in a god or gods. I believe that we are here on this planet and have been for longer than we really know. If we dont take care of it we will lose the game of life once again. we are but parasites on this world and can be wiped out at any point and it will be beyond our control. Some may survive most will not and a few remnants will remain and if there are any survivors they will look at those remains as we look at Stonehenge and the Pyramids and Mayan temples and wonder who really built them and for what purpose!
 That being said I will not hold it against you or anyone else for what you believe unless you show me your intellegence level is so low that you should be exempt from the human race and should not be allowed to breed. Natural selection has been the ruling way of life for millions and millions of years until us humans come along and try to change that and now look at us. We are overrun with blooming idiots, rapist, child molestors, murderers, mentally ill people of all sorts of nature, and people who can't interpret reality to save thier own lives!!!Sheesh!!! What has our world come too?!!!!

     For what its worth he should have stayed gone. He come back for one night, cut a promo trashing the top guy in the ring these days. Then cut a promo talking about how much he loves the fans, from his living room, REALLY, REALLY, Well that is just crap. If he beats Cena at WM then I will be surely upset with the product as a whole. I really need to be a writer on that product. I could write some really good story lines and boost ratings because I am a fan and I know what fans want to see!! There is a great Idea for a blog entry!!!!! Frosty wrestling showdown!! I might just work on that!!!!!

(4)From My Oldest, Flowers,
 Me and My girlfriend have had our two year anniversary this past week and I bought her a couple things of flowers. One of them was crazy daiseys. all different colors and were really pretty. The rest were more wild flowers. She liked them and so did the kids! Check out crazy daiseys for your lady if you need something different from the normal flowers you may or may not get her! LOL I sound like an Ad.

(5) Kids. They are some wonderful people! I love mine and they are sooo goofy. They do get it honestly, I am like a big kid myself! Hell I even got a job that lets me play in the dirt EVERYDAY!!!! All im saying is love our youth and lets teach them to take control of their actions and be responsible. The human race depends on us to do the right thing for our kids!!!

I want all of you to have a great day and many more till we meet again, This is The American Made Blogger saying "im just sayin" and dont forget to comment. I havent got any comments yet! Whats up with that!!! N E Ways                                                               WWGWD!!!

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