Sunday, March 27, 2011

cry me a river, no offense to crybabies!!

Seriously folks, Is everyone so easily offended. I was reading the dirt sheets for wrestling this morning and aparently Michael Cole called Josh Mathews a faggot on twitter. He then in turn apologized and removed the post. The problem now is it offended some gay people somewhere that one straight guy called another straight guy a faggot. Really, REALLY!!! This is ludacris!!! Who cares for real. I dont care what people call each other, I could see if Mathews was gay and he asked him to stop and then he kept on. I could see that. But no, some org. called GLAAD is all mad and now WWE talents have to go to a sensitivity training class to learn what is offensive and to not say or do so you dont offend someone! I remember The Rock running Cole through the mud and called him every gay slur he could think of!!! No one got mad then, or it didnt get the coverage it is currently.

I dont have anything agianst gay people, oriental people, black people, homeless people, or even white people.
I am not offended by the flamboyant, the nuclear meltdown, gangsta rap, cardboard boxes, or not being able to dance!
But by all means dress better than me,
Fix the problem and learn from it so I dont suffer from your mistake,
Use the word nigga and dont get mad if I do,
You can ask for money doesnt mean im gonna give you any,
Get out there and shake it if you want!!!!
What I am offended by are the easily offended and stupid people!!!
Dress how you want, I will, Radiate your home, I wont, Say what you want, I will, Live how you want, I will, Grove if you want, I cant!!

I am also not sorry if I didnt include your type of people on this list. Get over it!!!! Im just sayin!!!

Sticks and stones my friends, sticks and stones!!!!

I needed to get that out there! Thanks for reading!!!

One last thing, Suggestions!! Does anyone have something they want me to write about or hear my opinion of or a poll type they want to see? Nothing is off limits!!!! Just leave a comment and let me know. I almost had a woman break my comment cherry yesterday but alas it is still intact!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!             Go Soccer Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!                  WWGWD


  1. I find your blog to be offensive in a non-offensive kind of way!! What a faggot!!! LOL

  2. Thats great!!! In a way thats how I aim to do this!!