Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh No!!!

Well it has been a wild few weeks!!!

Were you paying attention????

You should be. There is more trouble from Japan and their nuclear reactor. Aparently there was a breach in the containment and a few workers were seriously burned when they waded into a pool of water. Readings at the pool were 10,000 times more than they should be. That is catastrophic to say the least. I am not a nuclear expert but that is not good and with a leak like that that can only spell trouble for those in Japan and the rest of the world. Sadly we can only wait and see what will happen as we are powerless to do anything. Just be ready and make sure you have plenty of food and fresh water on hand to feed your family in the event you should need to kick in survival mode.

It is not out of the question "im just sayin"

I want to take this space to give rememberance to those that died and those that survived the tsunami. The body count keeps rising and it looks to be that there is upwards of 20,000 people lost to this tragedy, and maybe more if the nuclear plant isnt brought under control. A large scale disaster can happen anywhere so do your best to be prepared.

I hate watching the news and hearing doom and gloom and very few uplifting stories and it seems I am on this track this blog so here is the change up...

!!!!Spring is here!!!!! Time for cookouts and friends and family, watching the kids run with the beagle!!! Soccer practice and games!!! Kool refreshing drinks around a fire in the back yard!! The smell of meat searing on an open flame!!! Thats what im talking about!!!

Church picnics, I know but catholics sure do know how to party, Trips to the Zoo, we got a new polar bear!!!, playing at the park, I owe the boy a new football, beagle chewed it up!!! Long days cool nights fishing, spending time with the ones you love!!! Summer will be here soon, trees and flowers in bloom, yard work to be done, the beagle needs more holes to dig!!! Trips to the lake, lounging in the sun, cold beer and a beautiful woman!!

These are a few of my favorite things!! What about you???? Get out and enjoy life!!!!

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Until next time this is The American Made Blogger sayin, im just sayin!!!                       WWGWD

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