Sunday, April 3, 2011

Circus and Bread!!!!

Hello good readers! I would like to thank everyone who read my blog lately!! I have had more hits in the last week that I have had since I started!!!! I even got a great comment!!!!! Thanks who-ever that was!!!

I know you were watching on Saturday night and seen Kentucky lose to UConn by one point!! It was a great hard fought game, even coming back a few times from a ten point deficit!!! But alas UConn came out on top and are headed to the championship game to face Butler. My bracket has been all messed up from the get go and I dont have any care for the last two teams so for me March madness is over...... so...... bring on...............


It is on tonight son!!! I will probably watch it and give my review on here, weather pending, Monday!! Meaning if soccer practice is cancelled monday due to the inclement weather we are suppose to have then I will write a review. If not then I will squeeze it in or i could try to write a live review and post it after the show, We will see!!!

With The Rock and John Cena in a harsh exchange of words as of late and I look to The Miz the keep the gold in a sneaky way! I am a fan of Rock but I think Cena holds more with the kids and to see him get destroyed by the Rock would not be a great point to make to the kids. Hustle Loyalty and Respect and to have it shoved straight up your candy ass would be a bad move in my opinion at Wrestlemania.

Also Snooki is going to be there??? I have a few problems with this. First off what is a Snooki? Really WWE we dont need this. She is what 4 foot tall and in the ring with one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time. I look to Trish Stratus and Layla to carry the womens part of this match, but wait, two of the greatest up and comers are in this match!!! Really! yes really!!! John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, Dolph is a former Heavyweight champ, for all of two hours, and John is the greatest not yet champion! He is established and needs a good title run by way of  Miz to prove he is a player in the game! I think he is!!!! But I digress, Morrison, Trish and a Snooki for the win.

There is also a big match with Corre and a bunch of filler wrestlers that I will not even give a guess on because WWE has not really sold this match!!!

Alberto Del Rio!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is your next champ!!! He is going over Edge. My hope is that they put Christian and Edge back together and build up the tag-team division. We need some great tag-teams on the scene and Edge-Christian can help do just that!!!

Jerry Lawler over Michael Cole. Stone Cold as the referee, Jack Swagger in Cole's corner. I dont really know what to expect with this one other than King with the win and beers with the Rattlesnake!

CM Punk over Orton. Orton took out all of Nexus and I see Punk getting the redemption win. Orton is The Viper but his character is getting stale and a loss and a big change in attitude, remember when he said he was going to stop caring what everyone thinks, im still waiting. That would make him relevant again but I see Punk with the win and a fued with Miz in the future!

I also look for Sin Cara and Awesome Kong (under a new name) to debut in some form or fasion.

Those are my reasons for watching and predictions. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and  "im just saying"

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