Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Time Is Now And Space Is The Place

     More than 1,400 National Guard soldiers were deployed Saturday night. I salute all of them and wish for their speedy healthy return along with those who are already there!!! I also salute those that have passed defending our freedoms. Freedoms that will not be taken for granted!!!!! It was a great ceremony and yours truly was holding back tears, (especially during the Star Spangled Banner! That song always chokes me up!!!) My lovely girlfriends father was one of those leaving. May his gods guide him safely back to his family also!!!

    It has always hit home with me and if you know me you know my thoughts on this war. Hopefully this will be the end to this war we are in and we can get back to fixing the problems we have here! Im not going to go on a rant on this blog but trust me there is one coming!

     The time is suppose to be getting close for the Annunaki to return. I wonder how that will shape up? (For those who do not know who they are google that name and read about how the Sumarians told of these people from another planet.) It IS the oldest recorded history of the world.

     Two terrorist from Iraq were arrested here in Kentucky last week. Dont you think its time to close the borders? I do!! Their finger prints were found on IED's meant to kill Americans and no telling how many devices they made that actually succeded in killing Americans!! I say a short trial is needed then a quick execution is necessary!! Set an example and keep setting it until the world gets the hint!!!!

     One more week of Soccer for the kids then the summer off! They all did great and next year will be a dominating year for the Soccer Monkeys and the Vikings. Both teams had winning seasons and with most of the players coming back and a few new coming to the Monkeys the fall season looks to be solid!!!! John boy will be in the lower leagues again and by the time he moves up he will be a solid player and he loves the sport so he has potential, Just dont forget the sunscreen!!!!!! Thats my white boy!!!

     In closing, Macho Man Randy Savage one of if not the greatest of all time has left the building, That title was for him!! OOOHHHHHH YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Until next time, I'm just sayin!!!!!!!!                                           WWGWD?

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