Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pre 4th of July Blog

     I will start with the passing of my uncle. Bobby was a great man! He was one of those humans that had a great soul. He was always willing to help someone with out ever asking anything in return. A lot of people should be more like him. if that was the case then, not just America, but the world would be a better place!!! You will be greatly missed!!!                                            R.I.P. Bobby

     Good morning America, how are you? It is that time of year again!! Time to celebrate our independance by spending way too much money on fireworks (which are poisonous to humans and pets so be careful) made in Japan!!!! I know that is not what it is all about but but it is humorous!!

     It is a time to reflect on how we got to where we are today though. Not just as a country but as individuals. Never Forget where we came from or those that came before us. Enjoy the time you get to spend with people that mean the most to you. Life is too fragile, I know I come off as anything but a humanist but there are good qualities in people and more of them need to act like they have some damn sense. im just sayin!!

     How many of you get a long weekend? How many are going to dazzle the neighborhood with above stated foreworks? Have you ever wondered what it looks like if you were flying high in an airplane or from low orbit space? I bet that is the shit!!!! Me and the love were discussing this. Would you even be able to see it from space? I have always wondered!!

     Switching gears, CM Punk. Cut an awesome promo on Monday Night RAW. If you seen it then you know. this guy has the alility to change the face of the current product. I feel WWE may be dropping the ball with this one. With out going too in depth he wants to leave after his contract is up and take the WWE belt with him. He cut a worked shoot downing everyone from HHH and Stef to vince and Johnny Ace. I havent seen anything like that since Stone Cold! They (WWE) really needs to not let this guy slip away, although I would like to see him win the belt and take it with him when he leaves. First of all WWE needs to get back to having one champion. It makes the belt have more meaning. Im all for that! We will see where they take it though!!!

    Look at that a whole blog and not one rant about Obama!!! He is increasingly digging himself a hole and pulling dirt on top of himself in the process. I really hope he does not get another term!!! As Americans we cannot afford more of the garbage coming out of his mouth. All you have to do is listen to what he says and what he does. He is not doing what he was elected to do and therefore should not be allowed to continue.
No one has the balls to inpeach him, that would be considered racist. Its the content of his character not his skin color that makes him unworthy!!! Oops I ranted!

    Back to the fun stuff!! Have you ever tried to teach a child to ride a bike with no training wheels? How about roller skating? It is CRAZY!!! Do you remember learning? I know what my mother went through now. As life flies by I realize more and more the hell I put my family through! They always said I will get all of it back three times worse... Guess what I have three kids..... damn parents are right again!! Funny how that happens!!!

     I do hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy what we have!! Be careful out there! Please do not drink and drive and try not to injure yourself or anyone else with the fireworks!!! Dont let your friends drink and drive either!!!!! This public service was issued by Frosty ThaClown!!! Reminding you that: Im just sayin!!!!!


Live free and keep it that way 

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