Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Blog

Thanks for coming back to hear me blab. I do wish I had more time on my hands to write more but alas this is reality!!! With three little ones and work and soccer and my LOVELY girlfriend time is short. But I will find time eventually. So here it is the newest installment if...

                             The American Made Blogger

                                   Memorial Day Edition

What is Memorial Day?            Do you really know?                Do I really know?               We Should!!!!

     I always thought it was for veterans but there is a holiday for them. I thought is was a reason to get together with loved ones and cook some greasy American style foods but that happens all the time at my house. I also thought is was a day to remember the ones who have moved on from this world. Turns out I was right in many respects. I just didnt realize it. I do believe that we should take more than one day a year to remember all our loved ones and soldiers that have died and the soldiers that are still fighting. A great many of us do and there is not a day that goes by that I dont think of mine or the fallen ones who helped make this country great and the ones fighting to keep it that way! 

     Recently I found out that in Israel on their memorial day at a certain time in the whole country sirens go off. They blair across T.V., radio, from roof tops and towers. When those sirens go off EVERYONE stops to remember. EVERYONE and by that I mean the whole country stops. They stop driving in the streets and on the expressways, business shut down, phone conversations are stopped, people stop eating, For (I cant remember if its 90 seconds of two minutes) the country stops to remember those that have passed. That is powerful to me!!! I would like to see this country do such a thing!!!

I would also take this space to give my thanks to those still fighting to keep this country free!!! Someone very close to my loved one will be on their way to join the fight and I wish them the best and will see them upon a speedy return. Being part of a military family is something I have only recently encountered in the last 5 years, more so in the last two. I have tons of respect for those that send their spouses and parents and children off to fight to keep us alive and free!!

So in closing, While you are chomping down on that greazy burger or having the perfectly cooked steak or spiciest BBQ chicken leg take a few moments to remember your fellow Americans! Say hello to the neighbors and think of how great it would be if everyone had the same respect you do!!!! Im just sayin!!!!


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