Sunday, October 9, 2011


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     Cut to the chase. Everyone knows now what is going on with the Wall St. protest. At first it sounded really good I will admit. But the more I read into it and the more I hear from the mouth of babes I began to wonder what these people really wanted to accomplish. The answer is they have a common goal... Socialism. I asked myself why would they want that? So I looked at the people doing the protesting. They have little to nothing. (I even noticed the lack of American flags!) They do have time to camp out in the streets though. Which is the problem. They fail to realize that they are blaming the decline of the economy on Capitialism, instead of where the blame needs to go and that is Big Government. Big "G" has walked all over the American people and taken control of every aspect they have been able to get its greasy grip on! From the value of a dollar to education to healthcare. I could go on but if you are reading this you probably know that government has overstepped its bounds. Which leads me to my next point....

     These protestors are so oppressed they are willing to give up more of the few freedoms they have left to the next smiling face that walks up and says try this socialist system on for size. Entitlements for everyone! Healthcare for everyone! The government will take care of you!! Work as much or as little as you want! Your neighbor will have extra and help take care of you and if you have any extra then you help the the other guy! If you dont have extra then ask your other neighbor if he will help you also! If they dont have enough then no worries the government will take care of the slack! A Very LAZY outlook if you ask me!!

     They are feeding right into the destruction of AMERICA!! I was told by protestors, online mind you, "America is obviously not working and the old way has failed so the only thing left is socialism" I found out I couldnt intellegently or even reasonably debate this person. After they couldnt tell me why the old ways were not working, they began to call me names, even went as far as to say I wasnt honorable because I wouldnt stand for socialism!!! Really... REALLY!!!

     I will also say that I do agree with 75% of what they say and some of the things they stand for. But I also am a Constitutionalist, A Restorationist that is willing to stand for the common goal to get this country back to its foundation and right the wrongs the government has forced on its people!!!

     We the People Will stand United but there has to be a common goal for the good of the country. We have to be Unified or else we will Fall. A socialist revolution is not what is going to save this country! It will only go to further drive a wedge between us and further the Government Takeover of the American People and America as a whole!!! Because with out the people there is no America!!!!

     I will stop there. I want to make a video or two to show exactly what im talking about with these protestors. When I gather the resources and the time I will have them up to share so everyone can get a better picture of what im talking about when it comes to their views. Call it some of my Contribution to the Restoration!

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                                                      John Q. Constitution                                                WWGWD?

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