Friday, August 19, 2011

LEGAL TREASON and other stuff!!!

     Great! Now the white house (obama) says he will let illegal immigrants stay and have work visas, and if they serve two years in the military or college they can become legal citizens! How can this happen? Isint this treason? Isint this unconstitutional? Where does this dude get off? there arent enough jobs for Americans and now he wants to throw illegals into the job hunt! He has failed to create jobs. He has failed to stimulate the economy. I understand he was handed a pretty foul economy but he has made it worse by spending more than any administration to date. I guess thats easy to do when he has devalued the dollar so much!
     What about his Obamacare... besides being unconstitutional in forcing people to purchase a private service and fining those that refuse to do such. No one seems to care that it is illegal to do this. But there he sits on his throne and people keep bowing down to him!
     Hey we are still at war with Lybia and the media has stopped talking about it. It is still going on people!! He had no right to go in there and start throwing missles at that country. Getting involved in a civil war that has nothing to do with the USA is WRONG on so many fronts! He did not follow the guidelines to wage war on another country, he went about it in a nefarious way and then it was covered up by Anthony Weiner's weiner!!!

     What a scam AMERICA

     How long will this continue?

     I sit here and watch the stock market drop daily while gold and silver break record highs. The value of a dollar drops while food prices rise! The price of oil drops while the price at the pump rises. Do you see what is happening here or are there only a handfull of us who are aware? Why does no one care that our country is on the decline, and folks it is heading downhill fast.
     You are going to wake up oneday and realize you live in a third world country. Then it will be too late! When you cant feed your children or yourselves you will think "What happened" by then people it will be too late. You should have done something when you had the chance!!! But alas it will be too late.
     You better have a plan. Then you better have a backup plan and a plan C for that matter. but for most of you it will be too late!!!
     Is it that everyone is afraid to call him out on his behavior because of the color of his skin, for fear that you will be labeled a racist? A person of pure evil is evil regardless of the color of his skin. Why would you care what evil labels you anyways?
     I have many labels... father, companion, son, brother, friend, enemy, asshole, AMERICAN, redneck, patriot, constitutionalist, free-thinker, tea-partier, and even a possible terrorist!!! Do you think that I care that my government has labeled me a possible terrorist because I oppose their evil views and I have realized what their intentions are and will not stand for it any longer!! The answer is simple NO!! I do not care what men of pure evil think of me!!! They can oppress me by shutting down my site and trying to suppress my constitutional right of free speech.
     All I am trying to do is inform people and get people thinking for themselves. I AM a law abiding citizen of these United States of America. I will continue to live my life morally and constitutionally correct. I will teach my children the same values that make our country great! In hopes that they will remain free and pass a free country onto their children along with the same moral codes that AMERICANS have lived by for over 200 years!!!!
     After you read this ask yourself this question,   What do I want out of life and am I willing to keep it or let it be taken away from me?
     Leave me a comment, let me know what you think! Also if I made a video blog would you watch it?
      Thanks for reading                                   WWGWD                              WWTJD
      Im just sayin!!!!

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